The secret to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recent offensive explosion

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been one of the hardest teams to figure out this year and it mainly comes down to their dangerous yet inconsistent offense. Stacked with weapons and led by an all-time great quarterback, the Bucs have shown that from week-to-week they can hang 40+ or limp away with only 3 points.

That’s changed for them in the last three weeks, and despite the level of competition they’ve faced, a lot of that can be attributed to a serious shift in their offensive philosophy. The Bucs have abandoned their run first mentality on first down, utilized play-action at a much higher rate, and have better answers in the quick game against pressure packages. As such they’ve averaged 34.7 points per game since their bye week (5th best in that span).

Are these the Bucs that were promised or are we being fooled by a small sample of robust performances against weak defenses? Me and Kyle Posey analyze that question and much more on The SB Nation NFL Show!

Other topics discussed on the show include:

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