LaMelo Ball bought Cam Newton’s condo, which was once owned by Michael Jordan and Chris Daughtry

Finding the perfect multi-million dollar home in a new city can be tough if you’re an athlete, but LaMelo Ball’s new digs in Charlotte come with one hell of an endorsement … Cam Newton. The Patriots QB put his home on the market in uptown Charlotte after being released by the Panthers in July, and it took a little while, but he found a buyer.

It’s unclear how much the condo sold for, but it was listed on the market for $3 million when it was posted. The 3,400 square foot pad occupies the entire top floor of “The Trust,” an upscale building in uptown Charlotte, a floor owned by … Michael Jordan.

So, if you’re following along at home, this means that Ball got drafted by the Hornets, moved to Charlotte, bought Cam Newton’s old apartment, and lives in a building owned by his new boss. That’s one heck of a scenario is ever you’ve seen one.

It’s even funnier when you know the lineage of the 7th floor of “The Trust.” Originally several condos, one used to be owned by Chris Daughtry of American Idol fame, then Michael Jordan bought out the entire floor and turned it into one massive home. Cam Newton bought it from Jordan, now Melo from Cam.

Now, it might be early to determine whether LaMelo Ball will have the same impact on the Hornets that Newton did when he came to the Panthers, but the rookie guard made one heck of an impression on Saturday night in his debut game against the Raptors. Ball played for 16 minutes, pulling down 10 rebounds and recording four assists. Not a bad weekend for the rookie.

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