This athletic flying cat makes yours look lazy as hell


The best animal videos end with the unexpected, and this cat gave us just that.

At first I thought the cat was going to drop the pillow on the woman’s head. Then I assumed it was going to attack the other cat — but nah, something far better. This cat jumped off the cupboards, surfed through the air with the pillow like it was doing a Christ Air in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, then landed on the thing perfectly before, presumably, going to sleep.

I’m not even sure a human could pull this off effectively, and we have opposable thumbs. This cat needed to manage extreme athleticism, balance, air control and bravery — all while using just its mouth to carry an entire pillow. I am in awe.

I know the year isn’t done yet, but I don’t think any animal is going to top this incredible feat of athleticism.

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