The Jets tanked into a ridiculous last second loss to keep the No. 1 NFL draft pick

The New York Jets appeared to be on the brink of their first win of the season. After starting the year 0-10, the Jets actually resembled a competent football game for most of the afternoon against the Oakland Raiders. Two touchdowns in the fourth quarter helped the Jets take the lead late into game. All they needed was one more stop to get their first win.

The Raiders started the drive on their own 39-yard-line with 35 seconds on the clock and immediately started throwing deep. On the fourth play of the drive, Oakland quarterback Derek Carr launched the ball down the sideline and found Henry Riggs for the game-winning touchdown.

This is just an absolutely ridiculous way to lose a game for the Jets. We have some questions:

  • Why were the Jets blitzing?
  • Why was Riggs in single coverage?
  • Why did the corner bite on a double-move when the deep route is the only thing that can beat you?

It would all be funny if it weren’t so sad. That right there sums up the 2020 New York Jets.

Of course, there is a nice silver lining for Jets fan even in this absurd defeat. A win would have taken the Jets out of pole position for the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence. Just as Jets fans were starting to bemoan their team winning a game in a lost season to potentially lose out on a generational quarterback prospect, the team found a way to lose a game it was almost certain to win.

Keep making those Photoshop’d images of Lawrence in a Jets jersey, New Yorkers. Your dream just might come true.

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