Snow at the Maui Invitational is perfectly 2020

In an event that will surely never be replicated, snow is falling at the Maui Invitational.

In perfectly appropriate 2020 fashion, this year’s invitational was moved from Hawaii, to Asheville, North Carolina — some 4,500 miles away, where it’s currently snowing in the Appalachian Mountains. Sure, it was necessary to limit travel during the pandemic, but it also means we get weirdness like this.

The decidedly un-Maui like setting has some advantages though. Asheville is pretty much the ideal city for Bill Walton to spend time in. It’s arguably the most weed-friendly city in the state, there’s an abundance of places to obtain tie dye clothing, and the breweries are top notch. It’s also the home of one of my favorite restaurants in the state: Tupelo Honey Cafe.

Snow at the Maui Invitational has now become an excuse to tell you about Tupelo Honey. It’s phenomenal. The restaurant became such a destination that they’ve expanded into a small NC chain, but the OG in Asheville is still the best. Their breakfast is incredible, their fried chicken is transcendent — and when you blend the two you get THIS.

via Tupelo Honey Cafe

Now I’m just hungry. Enjoy Asheville and the show at the Maui Invitational, everyone.

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