The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs (Our Furry Friends Will Approve)

One of the best gifts I ever got my brother in law was a locally made, leather collar for his golden retriever. He’s a minimal, non-materialistic kind of guy who is obsessed with his dog so it should have been an obvious choice. But it wasn’t until that Christmas, that I knew the value of a good pet gift.

Pet owners’ lives are enhanced by the behavior, health and happiness of their furry friends. Searching for accessories, tools and resources can be daunting and it’s easy to fall back on the toy-less old fashioned way. Sometimes they need a little support from their loved ones to curate a box of goodies.

Below is the ultimate gift guide for dogs containing some of my very own favorite toys, tools, and treats that are sure to lift the spirits of any dog or their parent.

Dog harnesses can be such a pill to figure out, put on, and keep on. We’ve had issues with many harnesses causing irritations and scabs under our pups’ armpits. Comfortable, adequately padded, and durable, the Front Range Harness is a perfect everyday solution. It has a reflective trim too that’s great for low-light conditions.

The Bessie and Barnie Bagel Bed is ideal for any dog. It’s giant, luxe, and soft. With a 360-degree zipper and machine washable fabric, the bagel bed is super low maintenance. It comes in an array of colors and won’t take away from the charm of your living room.

We love how convenient, minimal, and functional this sidekick shower system is for washing furry friends. No tools are required for easy installation and it has an array of spray water functions. It’s a great solution for dogs with anxiety around bathing as the soft waterfall setting mimics the motion of water being poured from a cup.

Modern, colorful, and dishwasher safe, the Reddy Pet Bowl is a great addition to your floor. The elevated bowl provides a more comfortable height for dogs while aiding indigestion. And the ceramic and bamboo materials make for a stylish, sustainable aesthetic.

It’s difficult to find treats free of harmful additives. Ava’s Pet Palace Salmon Snacks go against the grain with their high protein, all-natural, preservative-free treats. The fish is hand-cut and the jerky treats serve as a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These snacks are an especially useful option for older dogs or dogs with stiff joints.

Based in Lake City, Colorado, Dog + Bone lowers environmental impact and supports rescue non-profits all while making dog gear with the best possible materials. Their Adjustable Leash is made hands-on or hands-free for owners looking to hike, run, or walk comfortably with their best friends. Made from heavy-duty nylon, it’s built to last and adjusts in length from 3′ to 6′.

Never search for poop bags again! Wild One’s poop bag carriers come in a variety of cute colors, featuring an elastic attachment and easy-twist top. Not to mention, their customer service goes unparalleled.

Who knew that one of my favorite human skincare lines would get wise and make a product for dogs?! Free of irritants, Aesop’s Animal line cleanses gently while deodorizing effectively. It’s vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free… what more could we want in a soap?

Your pup’s crate should feel like home. With Diggs’ Groove Training Aid, you can help your dog alleviate anxiety by reminding them that a crate is a safe place with yummy treats. With a freezer shell, it doubles as a pupsicle too that’s sure to leave them preoccupied long enough to forget you’re gone.

This classic throw is plush, soft, and big enough to keep your dog warm and comforted. It comes in two large sizes and features a double-sided soft fabric. At a reasonable price point, it feels realistic to make it a dog-only accessory.

Yeti’s dog bowl, Boomer, is as dependable and loyal as they come. It can hold up to eight cups of water and is food safe too. We love it’s barefoot non-slip ring (it won’t budge) and its duracoat color is built to last. It’s a great choice for everyday use or when on the move – whether you’re camping, hiking, or hitting the trail.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this is the perfect gift for your pup or a loved one. The subscription box features an array of (practically indestructible) toys and treats that address everything from weight management to barking and digging. Kong’s blog and recipe tips are great resources for enhancing your relationship with your dog.

Instead of having a dozen toys lying around, consider a GrippyPup. This BPA-Free, textured, chew-proof toy combines a dog’s three favorite things: playing fetch, tug-of-war, and dog treats. More importantly, it’ll keep your pup occupied so you can go about your day, and bonus: its chew ball promotes good oral health by helping remove plaque and tarter build-up.

Anxiety, be gone! With almost 14,000 ratings, this behavioral aid toy is sure to acclimate your pup to stress-inducing events like moving to a new home, crate training, or even fireworks. It has a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat pack calm to help keep your dog company.

Great for little guys up to 20 pounds, the Wagwear Boat Canvas Carrier is made with a durable Canvas Duck. It features a leash attachment, buckle closure, and five colors. We love Wagwear’s story and their cool, classic look.

Innovative and sophisticated, The Dórro Luxury Collar is the Berkin of all dog collars. With adjustable buckles and its turn-lock function, it ensures a perfect fit and saves on time. The material is a high-grade French leather and its REACH certification and stainless-steel buckle make it environmentally friendly. C’est chic!

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