This Korean World Series trophy is a GIANT SWORD FROM A VIDEO GAME

The KBO League World Series was settled overnight, with the glorious and triumphant NC Dinos taking home the top prize. Part of which just so happens to be A GIANT SWORD THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS STOLEN FROM HADES HIMSELF.

The big sword is amazing in its own right, but it’s even better than you might initially think. Not only does the sword commemorate the Dinos winning the Korean Series, but it was crafted by the team’s owners, video game company NC Soft. It’s a real-life replica of the fabled “+9 Execution Sword” from the game Lineage, considered the most valuable item in the game.

The sword, considered the Holy Grail for Lineage players, is so valuable a similar model was almost sold for $270,000 in 2015. Now, the NC Dinos are the only team in the world with an actual version of one of the most valuable video game items of all time.

It should be noted that the sword isn’t the official World Series trophy. The actual one is far more bland and normal. Still though, kudos to the team’s owner for being like “WE’RE GIVING THIS TEAM A GIANT SWORD TOO!” Because the NC Dinos deserve it.

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