20 Chic and Cozy Gifts for Homebodies This Season

Whether or not you revel in solitude, we’re all homebodies in 2020.

Between a worldwide pandemic and cooler weather, our homes will continue to be havens this holiday season, and it’s safe to say, we’re ready to bring on the cozy. We’ve all got that person on our list that loves curling up with a warm cup of tea, sinking into a hot bath, or posting up with a good book.

Whether or not being a wallflower is in your true nature, there’s no doubt we could all use some little luxuries to bring novelty, comfort, and beauty to our personal spaces right now. Our editors have all weighed in on their favorite gifts for cozying up at home this year. Scroll on for some of our top picks for everyone on your list.

For the type who breathes a sigh of relief when their head hits the pillow, this is the ultimate bedtime treat. Made with pure mulberry silk, this pillowcase has a velvety texture that helps your skin and hair get their beauty sleep too.


We’re eying this Marie Antionette-inspired candle made in collaboration with designer Giambattista Valli. The delicious floral fragrance evokes luxurious vibes in a gorgeous hand-blown glass vessel that makes this candle a great addition to any room.

This delicious room spray with notes of geranium and incense will refresh any room.

This is the book for that person on your list who’s looking to create a more intentional home. Filled with beautiful spaces and faces curated by design maven Athena Calderone, flipping through these pages is sure to spark inspiration for living your best at-home life.


The gift that keeps on giving, this everyday mug is ideal for your coffee-loving, tea-brewing friend. It adds a little fun flair to your kitchen shelves too.

Give them this dreamy scent known for its cleansing and healing properties.

This dreamy set is ideal for sleeping or lounging at home and they’ll look forward to getting ready for bed every night. The breathable fabric will also keep them cool throughout the night.

This nourishing, restorative bath soak is perfect for that friend who’s all about creating at-home spa vibes. Sinking into this luxurious mixture of plumeria, jasmine, vetiver, and cedarwood will let them leave their worries behind.

At under $70 this diffuser is an absolute steal and easy to move around the house with its portable, wireless design. I’ve already ordered two of these for some of my favorite people on my list this year.

You can’t go wrong with another great Lunya set. This loungewear staple is on my list this year because it’s breathable enough to stay cool during the warm nights in Texas and great for wearing around the house (all day).

These highly coveted sandals have repeatedly sold out and for good reason. The slip-on design makes them easy and cute for both running errands on a cool morning, or hanging around the house during the day.

This luxe yet extremely affordable set is another bedtime upgrade that they’ll look forward to every night. And we can’t get enough of this pretty pink hue!

The mask actually sticks to your face so you can go about your usual day, do stuff around the house, or sit at your computer without it falling off your face like the others I’ve tried. This is the gift they’ll love but didn’t even know they wanted.

Another cute and sustainable pajama set that we’re eyeing this year. This cozy Reformation set is at a more affordable price point and bonus points for being sustainable, too.

We are loving these cute slippers that come in ten different colors. They’re great for messing around the house or (let’s be real) to wear all day during zoom calls.

This guided motivational journal combines thought-provoking journal prompts with pop artwork from designer Tessa Forrest that you’ll want to hang all over your inspiration board. This has been on my list since it came out in September, and great for anyone embarking on something new or figuring out what lights them up.

I don’t know if anyone nails cozy as well as Barefoot Dreams. This chic pullover is probably the closest thing we’ll get to wearing a bathrobe in public.

This gorgeous blanket is organically dyed and hand-knotted, made with hemp linen that softens over time. We’re suckers for any pretty blanket, especially one that is made to last a lifetime.


Take a mental vacation while flipping through the pages of this book, and explore tiny huts, cabins, treehouses, and houseboats in remote places all over the world.


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