These Pumpkin Morning Glory Muffins Are the Ultimate Fall Treat

One of my earliest baking memories is making Morning Glory Muffins with my mom. I’d stand next to her on a chair pulled up to the counter and help her grate zucchini, carrots, and apple into the mixing bowl, toss in golden raisins or currants or whatever dried fruit we had on hand, and (knowing her) an extra handful of toasted nuts and twice as much vanilla as the recipe called for. The spicy smell of cinnamon and cloves as the warm muffins came out of the oven still gives me the coziest feeling, especially as the first hints of fall tease of chilly mornings and turning leaves.

I’ve made so many iterations of Morning Glory Muffins through the years, and I’ve yet to find one that beats my mom’s classic recipe. But when it comes to baking projects in the fall, only pumpkin bread rivals my passion for Morning Glory Muffins, so I couldn’t help myself from trying to merge my two loves into one perfect muffin. And I have no regrets because these are ridiculously good – the perfect chilly morning breakfast, cozy afternoon snack, or slathered with a little butter and sea salt for my kinda dessert.

Meal prep hack: I made an extra batch and froze a dozen, which really comes in handy on those rushing-out-the-door school mornings. Just wrap in foil and warm them in the oven, or if you’re in a pinch, defrost in the microwave until just warm and top with a little butter or honey.

Think of this recipe more like a formula that can be mixed up according to what you have on hand. No carrots? Sub zucchini and add more apple, just keep the ratios of the shredded veggies the same. Swap in golden raisins, cranberries, or chopped dates for the apricots; any toasted nuts or seeds can be used here, too. Get creative and have fun – I approach this like an autumn art project in the kitchen! (Stop rolling your eyes… it’s fall! Quiet your inner cynic and be cliché for a sec – it’s fun, I promise!) Read on for the recipe, and I’d love to hear what y’all are baking up in honor of the chillier weather on the horizon…

photos by Chanel Dror

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