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*Incoming Transmission*

What’s up everyone! Welcome back to the best website on the planet. We had a great first month, creating boatloads of content and interacting with you all in the comments. Y’all also seemed to like the three items we launched our store with. If you made a purchase, thank you for supporting Secret Base.

If you, didn’t, that’s ok too. We appreciate you reading! But here’s a gentle REMINDER: The Seattle Baseball poster is a limited edition release and your last day to buy it is SEPTEMBER 30TH. Don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up because I just did. Just now.

Also, In celebration of 20K20 starting, We’re adding THREE NEW ITEMS to the store! Check them out!

If you buy this shirt and someone asks you “What year is it?” as a joke, I want you guys to explain 17776 or 20K20 and open their eyes to Jon Bois and the future of football. Will you do that for me? Thank you. And if you see someone else wearing this shirt please just look at each other and nod like Alfred and Bruce Wayne at the end of “Dark Knight Rises”

The days are getting slower, the nights are getting colder and hoodie season is among us! When it came to Beef History merch, you all voted for a BEEF Hoodie. We’re a site of the people, so I can’t blame wait for you to watch Beef History in your Beef History hoodies while eating beef. Don’t tell me I’m the only one that eats beef while watching Beef History. That’s specifically what I save my beef jerky for now.

Seth, Clara, Will, Jiazhen, Phil, Michael and Ryan all take turns providing exceptional beef for your enjoyment. I’m so happy that this hoodie is a reality now.

17776 ——> 20K20. Get the only timeline in football that matters. Jon put a TON of work into both projects, and I’m so glad that our designers were able to come up with cool art to accompany it. By the way, this one is a limited run. Even though futuristic football seems to last forever, this sale won’t. You only have the month of October to cop this shirt so I wouldn’t spend 18,000 years deciding on if it’s right for you.

That’s all we have for this new release. Time to go back to working on Fumble Dimension.

See y’all soon! – Kofie

*End Transmission*

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