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@cautiousxclay spoke to WWD about his childhood, ambitions as a creator, his new album and how it feels to be a person of color at this moment.⁣

The 27-year-old musician only recently turned to music full-time, but already counts Billie Eilish and John Legend as collaborators — and is hard at work on his debut album.⁣

After putting music aside as a professional ambition to achieve a degree in international affairs from George Washington University, Karpeh has turned his attentions to music fully and is creating a career both as a successful writer for musicians like John Legend and Taylor Swift as well as his own artist; his latest single “Agreeable” drops this week, with a debut album due next year.⁣

“I’ve prepared for this moment, for being this type of person since back when I first started playing flute. I never really felt like it was important for me to master any instrument. I can play the flute pretty well. I can play the saxophone pretty well. I can get by with guitar and piano and all these things, but I never felt so invested to the point where I needed to master the instrument. I only wanted to master creating, and that’s obviously like a very generic and large idea to just, oh yeah, what do you do? You create? But I do truly feel inspired by a lot of different things outside of music,” Karpeh says.⁣

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