Here’s what we know about the ‘bombshell’ story set to rock Washington’s NFL team

Changing the name of Washington’s NFL team might not be the biggest story to come out of the organization this week. Cryptic tweets from local and national NFL writers are indicating that something much bigger could be on the horizon, and now the sporting world waits to see exactly what that could be.

Reports began to surface on Sunday night. Nothing directly explained what was coming down the pipeline, other than indicating it was “not pretty” or “disappointing and sad.”

The reason for the lack of detail is unknown at this time. However, indications seems to point at the looming report as being linked to the firings of Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Richard Mann II. Both men had been part of the organization for a significant period of time, with Santos being hired in 2005 and Mann II being hired in 2009.

While the football team is going through a front office shift following the firing of team president Bruce Allen in December, typically front office positions like those occupied by Santos and Mann II aren’t affected by coaching changes. All indications are pointing to this being a new scandal of some sort, however the nature of it is currently unclear.

This wouldn’t be the first time a report of this nature had rocked the organization. In 2018 the New York Times revealed that the team had used cheerleaders as “personal escorts” during the 2013 season for a trip to Costa Rica to entertain suite holders and key team sponsors. The report indicated that cheerleaders weren’t expected to have sex with the men on the trip, but were coerced and felt “pimped out” when they were asked to be part of a topless photo shoot for the men. The team investigated the report internally, but avoided facing any retribution from the NFL.

The new report seems to be something larger than even that 2018 story, and we will continue to update this article as more information emerges.

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