These Disney-inspired NBA logos are so good

The NBA is returning July 31 and it’s finishing the season in Disney World. Yes, Disney World in all of its glory will be the home for the rest of the 2019-2010 NBA season. The details are still being worked out but Disney property has enough convention, hotel, and event space to make this happen and can be fairly controlled in terms of health and safety.

As a huge Disney + NBA fan myself, I welcome any and all crossover content. I recently came across these designs on Instagram from designer PK Air Designs and I love them so much. There are only eight so far but please believe I will update the more we see. Also, give this artist a follow on Instagram.

The Celtics as Mickey Mouse

The Grizzlies as Winnie The Pooh

The Bucks as Bambi

The Lakers as Mickey Mouse, too!

The Timberwolves as a Lion King Hyena

The Bulls as Pumba

The Raptors as Rex from Toy Story

The Warriors as the Cinderella’s Castle

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